Finally I Made A Real Blog

05 December 2016 / By Sani
Greetings earthlings. My name is Sani Yusuf and some of you know me for different reasons depending on how we got to acquaint with each other. In case our paths have never crossed by let me fill in the gaps. Well, most would call me a developer but I think of myself as the guy that is always on the Web Dev prowl looking to learn and share exciting things. I like to travel and pretend to be a professional food tourist. You can follow my travel & food shenanigans on My Instagram.
The most important skill in life is the ability to learn, unlearn & relearn.
I also love to teach and share what I learn not just to educate others, but also I have found that the best way to educate yourself & get better at something you love is by educating others on that very thing.
If you cannot explain something effectively to a rookie, then you are the rookie.
I'm a big big fan of Hybrid frameworks and have been working with them since 2010, the very ugly beginning. More recently, my works have mostly been with Ionic in recent years and this is a technology I have at heart, to say the least. I normally write on Medium & speak in some conferences where I would normally write my keynote on My Slides Account. I recently even traveled the world to learn about what people are doing with Hybrid mobile technology in 3 continents. For the past few years, some people have actually enjoyed some of the things I have been writing and have been crying out for a safe place where they can come and read the gibberish that comes out of my brain in form of articles. So after forever years of procrastination, I have finally decided to start my own blog on this site. I will be writing about Ionic, Cordova/Phonegap & Angular mostly, but expect the odd UX and opinionated posts every now and then.

I will be starting with a series on Ionic called Ionic By Component. This will be a long series where I will show you how to use components of the Ionic framework and make you aware of the dos, don't and gotcha moments of each component I cover. Stay tuned and join me on this new journey. Remember I'm just trying to Learn, Unlearn & Re-Learn, so come let's learn together.

  • Suleiman Bulus Danjuma

    Good one Bro. All the best to you…!!!

  • Kehinde Ayanleye

    Hi Sani,

    It’s always inspiring!!! Keep it up!!

    – K

  • Simi

    You finally put this together! I’ll be looking out for more posts 🙂

  • Maryam Ado

    Hi Sani. I’ve always been inspired by your love of IT and doing something unique. This isn’t related to Ionic though. I’ve a Bsc in ISM with spec in Networking. I did networking because I love it but after graduating and coming home I realised there are no good opportunities for me here or place to improve. Right now I’ve an idea that involves developing a mobile app and I don’t have any knowledge on apps. I’ve been search for an IT school but please where do you think is best IT in nigeria or any platform and advice. Thanks-Ex loral student

  • Sprime

    Nicely said ??

  • Bashir Muhammad

    We are following you Mr. Sani…